ICASSP Event in Paris 2018

ICASSP Brain SquareICASSP is the acronym for International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. The conference is organised by IEEE Signal Processing Society every year. According to the 2016 h-index, ICASSP ranked highest among other conferences in the Signal Processing field. The Brazilian Ministry of Education also gave it an A1 rating based on the h-index position. Just like other IEEE conferences, ICASSP features several technical sessions, tutorial talks and poster sessions led by prominent people in the focus areas. The conference is held for four to five days where tutorials talks are given on the first day while technical and poster sessions follow.


ICASSP 2018 marks the 20th conference since its inauguration. The conference will be held on 8-9th November in Paris, France with the theme Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence. The primary goal here is to bring together research scholars, prominent academic scientists, and researchers in a bid to share experiences and research results about various aspects of Signal Processing, Speech and Acoustics. It also provides an avenue for practitioners, educators and researchers from different disciplines to discuss and make presentations about recent trends, innovations, as well as challenges experienced and how they were solved in this field. The topics to be discussed during this year’s conference include:

• Acoustic and audio processing

• Multichannel and sensor array signal processing

• Biomedical and bio-imaging signal processing

• Video, image and multi-dimensional signal processing

• Education in signal processing

• Applying machine learning in signal processing

• Signal processing and remote sensing

• Designing and implementing systems in signal processing

• Signal processing for cybersecurity, smart systems and brain-machine interface

• Processing spoken language

• Signal processing methods and theory

• Speech processing

• Big data in signal processing

• RFID and the Internet of Things

• Imaging computation

ICASSP moved to Calgary

ICASSP 2018 CalgaryInitially, this year’s conference was to be held in Seoul, South Korea. However, members requested the conference should be moved to another location, citing political tensions caused by the 2017 North Korea Crisis. As a result, the SPS EXCOM unanimously voted ICASSP move to a new location-Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Given that Korean SPS community engagement plays a major role in ICASSP conferences, the decision to move location was not easy.

The organising committee factored in several aspects in consultation with the General Co-chairs of ICASSP 2018 for some time before reaching the decision. The committee also obtained information from similar conferences, as well as the event industry in South Korea about holding such a conference given the political environment in the country. What’s more, some member expressed reluctance in travelling or sending their students to South Korea which weighed more on the need to move location.

Given that high participation and technical program quality is imperative for this flagship conference, the organising committee’s primary goal is to arrange for a conference that is rewarding and enjoyable to all members. Additionally, the General Co-chairs appreciated the decision to move the location of ICASSP 2018 and committed to bringing all their energies to the preparation activities required for the new location.

ICASSP 2018 Plenary Speakers

Alex Acero

He is a senior director at Apple and is in charge of machine translation for Siri, speech synthesis and recognition. Dr Acero is a fellow of ISCA and IEEE. He was awarded by IEEE Signal Processing Society in 2013 for having the Best Paper. Alex has also served as the president of IEEE Signal Processing Society but is currently a member of the IEEE’s BOD.

Julia Hirschberg

Currently, she is a Chair of Computer Science and Professor at the University of Columbia. She serves at IEEE’s Speech and Language Processing Committee. Julia works on studies associated with text-to-text synthesis, hedging behaviour, systems in spoken dialogue and processing.


He is a Professor at New York University and a Director of Al Research at Facebook. Yann is known for his work in the development of convolutional network used in speech, image and video recognition. He received an IEEE Neural Network Pioneer award in 2014.